Event Food Options

Event Food Options

Are you looking to add some additional food items to your Birthday Party or Group Event?  GlowZone 360 offers some shareable items below so your guests won’t leave hungry.  When booking your event, be sure to ask the staff for details.

Popcorn Chicken Basket

Basket of Popcorn Chicken. Serves 3-4 guests.

20 Piece Chicken Nuggets

20 Piece Chicken Nuggets. 

French Fry Basket

Basket of French Fries.  Serves 3-4 guests.

Waffle Fry Basket

Basket of Waffle Fries.  Serves 3-4 guests.

Large Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza

Large 10 slice pizza.

Cotton Candy Tub

Small Cotton Candy Tub.  Great add on to any Birthday Party!

Small Slushy

Small Slushy (353ml). Sold individulay.

Popcorn Bowl

Popcorn Bowl. Serves 3-4 guests.