Arena X Laser Tag Membership

You know you are good at Arena X laser tag, but how good are you? Are you the best player in Brampton? The best in Mississauga? The best in North America? Becoming an Arena-X Laser Tag member lets you compete with players at GlowZone 360 and at CyberBlast locations across Canada and the US. You get to customize your player name and your membership card keeps track of all of your games, XP points and rankings. The more achievements points earned, the more Power UPs become available for you to use during gameplay. It is the most interactive way to play laser tag!!!!

Member Benefits

  • Valid for Laser Tag at both Brampton & Mississauga locations
  • Customize your name and avatar through the member website
  • Track your scores and achievements in greater detail
  • View your entire game history
  • Earn new Power Ups
  • Check your rankings against other members at GlowZone 360 locations and across other CyberBlast locations in North America
  • A one-time fee of $5.00 to get and activate your membership card
  • Replacement cards are $5.00

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How does it work?

Your membership card has an RFID chip in it. Once you create an account and register your card, you just tap your card to your laser tag vest prior to each game to load in your player name and keep track of your gameplay points. You can then track your progress in real-time through the online portal right on your phone!