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Twice The Game Tuesdays!

Want a little more bang for your buck? Then you’ve come to the right place!! We’re all about those deals and we know you are too…which is why we’ve implemented Twice The Game Tuesdays! For the next several Tuesdays, all of our arcade games will require half the credit as normal. This allows you to play twice the amount of games for the same price!

arcade games

What kinds of games do we have?

We have all the classic arcade and redemption games you love to see at family entertainment centers, including air hockey, racing games, wheel of fortune, basketball hoops, stuffed animal claws, etc!

How long will this be going on?

Our dates are tentative! We’ll have this all of February, and will keep you posted on our Facebook page with more updates!

Because you’ll be able to play twice the amount of games, you’ll also be able to earn double the amount of points, which you can use at our redemption counter! Come visit us and challenge your skill and luck on our large selection or redemption and arcade games. We’ll see you soon! For more on our arcade, laser tag, mini golf and booking birthday parties, visit the Glow Zone 360 website for more info!