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GlowZone Guide: Become A Laser Tag Pro!

For those that don’t normally play laser tag, it’s a bit of an overwhelming experience your first time.┬áBut we know you want the bragging rights; here’s how to kill the game during your next laser tag adventure!


  • Put on dark colors. Fluorescent and brighter colors make you easier to see. Blend in with the background in dark colors; your team will thank you later!
  • Separate. Split up your team into different groups and cover ground. Put people on top and bottom and figure out who’s attacking who; organization is key!
  • Have safe spaces. If you’re going to ambush, be sure you have hiding places or safe spots to revert to before you shoot!
  • Have a backup group. If the enemy escapes, be sure you have designated people who will attack if the main group hasn’t gotten to them.
  • Move around. It’s important to not always stay in one spot. While it’s alright to hide in one space for a little bit, you’ll become predictable after while. So surprise your enemies by popping out in unexpected places!
  • Watch your back. Make a habit to look behind you and check corners. Being alert is always super important; you never know when people are going to pop up.
  • Use your resources. Dividers are one of these; you can peek above and shoot, or if people are shooting at you you can duck in avoidance. Use your props wisely!

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