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Glow Zone 360’s Mini Golf Beginner’s Guide

At Glow Zone 360, we’re all about the friendly fun and games; but a little competition never hurt right? You know you’ve secretly been dying to beat your family in the next mini golf game. Here’s a few insider tips; you’ll be a pro (and have bragging rights) in no time!

mini golf beginner tips

  1. Get in position. When you get into putting position, the top of your putter should hit at about belt level, and your hands on the middle of the grip.
  2. Take a few practice swings. Get a feel for how hard or soft the ball gets hit; it’ll save you a lot of trouble!
  3. Take a glance at the course. Look at the entire course before you even start. Are there any water traps? Slopes? Balls generally tend to break towards bodies of water and towards any drop offs in the elevation of the land. Hint: Take a look at the border. If you want to bounce it off the wall, avoid uneven gaps or spots when you aim!
  4. Learn from other’s mistakes. Watch what other’s do and learn from their mistakes. Observation is key!
  5. Don’t be tentative! Draw an imaginary line in your head from the ball to the hole and try to keep the ball on that line! It’s also better to hit it harder than softer, especially since balls that roll by the hole will often come back from the walls and leave with you a very short distance to the hole!

Think you’ve got what it takes to be the next winner? Bring your friends and family in for a game! You can check out our rates and hours on our website. And don’t forget to check out our Facebook page and blog for other tips/tricks and Glow Zone news!